Fiber is great... if its your stuff on the end of it

Bit of an update post. Also, at&t why are you like this... actually, nvm.

Posted by Zhekun Hu on May 31st, 2022

So this site has been offline for like, 2 months... I know, I have commited a sin for any aspiring or real SRE. I have a cloud server which I could have used for HA, but I didnt. I have failed all 20 of the visitors of this site over the past month, and for that I deeply apologize.

On the bright side, I have an excuse! Which is that for the past 2 months, I was busy trying to be a real SRE at Zoox! It is fun, and there is not a single day I don't pass by the Playstation office on my way to work without thinking about the horrific way I am treating one of their best selling pieces of hardware.

All of this is to say, I moved, I have a new job, and it took me this long to sit down and debug my at&t gateway's bridge mode. Now, I would have loved to rip my own certs from the gateway and put them in my OpenWRT router, but I had to use one of the shiny new all-in-one fiber gateways, so that was off the table. But now that is all behind us. The bridge mode has been set up, the cluster is up and running, and the HTTPS certs are renewed. Once again may everyone read the glorious record of my PS4 Kubernetes cluster!